Desolation Sound

Ancient people sliding into secret fishing grounds. Old world sailing ships lost at sea. Pirate hideouts hiding plundered treasures. 

Just the name opens the imagination to the the whispers of such long forgotten tales.

Located up the BC coast from Vancouver, the islands, bays and fjords in and around Desolation Bay can be accessed from on high via float plane.  I am sure that the views would be spectacular for those so inclined.       

But the only way to really connect to those ancient ghosts is on the water.

 Considered by some to be one of the 1000 (100?) places to visit before passing on to the next world. 

Its siren call has lured me since we moved to the island. Now thanks to great neighbours, and now great friends,  we are about to reduce the bucket list by one.

The Sun stretched out golden arms to sooth the restless ocean waves as we arrived at our departure point south of Desolation Sound. 

Tomorrow we start our journey to the natural wonders that await.  Stay tuned


Till day is done – Rice fields

Sleepy sun rolls over, still time to snooze Moon moves Pai Gow tiles more time to loose

Surrounding dark holds shadows at bay   From too short sleep I greet new day Greedy Chop Stick clings to rice            Stomach growls as I kick the mice  Waste not time to eat, no time to tarry          Leaning on hoe, basket heaved to carry   

 As I trudge up hill yawning sun reflects        The stalks of rice that overnight have slept  Awakening now deeply drink waters sweet Stretching high while roots dig deep  

 Bending low, work has no end in sight.        Day turtle slow while rabbit fast the night

All too soon my body will forever rest       While soaring soul to heaven blessed 


Ode to Warriors of Clay

In battle armour with perfect bow                     One solitary battle left me low  Centuries under ground with brothers slept              No movement save tears from river wept Weapons stolen whilst we burnt                     Trapped by 2000 years of dirt  Free at last thanks to farmers well.                Eight Thousand voices released from hell 




Having conquered the land below Qin Shi Huong must prepare for the next life.  To remain Emperor an immortal army must be created  to protect the tomb.  

 This army will be like no other army in the next life – with weapons, horses, chariots and more.   Even up to 1/3 the national budget, this will take precedence.  

To get the army ready preparations must start now while I am still vigorous – as the construction will take decades.  

No expense must be spared. Each soldier and general will be unique and strong – armoured and armed.   
They will be forever placed in battle formation guarding all directions but especially to the direction of our enemies.