Lunar Eclipse Initiation 

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So it starts 



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History…risk of forgetting..

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Olympics 1936
Eastern Poland annexed/invaded in 1939 by Russia/Germany
Eastern Poland integrated into Ukraine

Olympics 2013
Crimea annexed/invaded by Russia

Santayana “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it”,

Weekly Photo Challenge: One

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Even as winter temperature slides to nil

Every colour of christmas our hearts do fill

Etheral snow paints the world glistening white

Each and every thing glows in dazzling light

Everyone warmed by the tones of green and red

Even hummingbird smiles as he bobes his head

Daily Prompt: Fright Night – Foragers of the Night

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Dark and deep run scaly creature
Hypnotizing prey with glowing eyes they lure
Unsuspecting,  edging closer to eyes so bright
Soon loose their life despite their fight
On this planet, in this atmosphere you would soon starve for breath in three minutes.  Light barely penetrates enough to see a foot in front of you.    Populated by denizens who eagerly sink their pincers and claws into soft flesh as they tear and render the flesh from body.  Though not large in stature they are large in numbers. Spider-like they rattle over their prey and soon reduce foes to skeletal remains.
In addition to their pincer like limbs or vice like claws fortifying them for battle,  their own skeletons are external giving armoured protection.   Eagerly they await any foreigners who dare to enter their dark domain.
Why would you volunteer to enter into this world.  In the dark of night.  Armed with little more than rope and burlap!  What would posses you to battle such an enemy. Read the rest of this entry »