Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreign


I chose foreign to be not of this world.

In May of 2012, the moon was closer than any other part of the year and we had a ring side seat coupled with great weather to capture what is described as a “super moon”.

The Moon shapes our world everyday, from harvest night light above to the mirror like glass reflection below but  also to human disaster as it influenced SANDY waves at high tide on the North American east coast today.

It has been worshipped and blamed. But even as we learn more details, most of us do not understand it at all.

Like many items that are truly foreign it is beautiful – all the more so because it is still a mystery.




Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette

This is a capture from earlier this summer, but one I found as I was looking for another picture.  Sometimes we get lucky in our shots…

Oh Canada

Here we was watching a classical concert and I happen to hear a new instrument coming from behind …some may not call it musical but the Canada Goose “honking” is one of those sounds that speak to my soul.

I was also fortunate that I heard them and also being able to capture the Canadian flag in full colour with the Silhouette of the geese….perhaps corny…but hey we Canadians don’t often brag so I let the picture speak for us….

Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette

The harbour always offers new challenges and opportunities for capturing light.   The setting and rising sun deliver great views with less definition but still tell their story in a unique and interesting way.

The view from shore captures the moment when tranquility is broken by flight ended.

While the view towards the sea anticipates a voyage beginning 

Gliding Between The Waves

Rising with the sun new day to greet
I chase the wind to rocky shore
On sea of glasss  my paddle diving deep   
I hear the call I cannot ignore
Seek the spaces between the waves
Where gliding requries so little force
Like a road just newly paved
The wind and waves create the course
Opening the spaces inbetween
Alone  I  fly , the world serene

CopyRight W.S. Sedman 2012
All rights Reserved

The Woodsman Tavern – Worth the small trek across the bridge.

Crowded,but Vibrant ….Fantastic food and service

A little out of the way neighbourhood across the bridge, but worth the trek. Server was extremely pleasant and attentive. Despite the very busy atmosphere for a Friday night, we were seated promptly and never had to wait for service.  Would definitely re-vist the Woodsman tavern

Pork Rabbit

Great food starting with some west coast oysters followed by pork and rabbit pie for me and shank for my partner. Well prepared and served at the right temperatures.

Perfect Shank

Food on Wheels Portland

Maybe not a dump…but not superior food

Was looking forward to trying the food trucks that we had seen on Diners/Dives and have heard about for some time.  Perhaps it was the wrong weekend, or just maybe it has extended so far into every parking lot in the city, that we were expecting too much.   We tried a couple as recommended and found the food blasé and uninspiring.   But variety is definitely available so you can choose from almost every cuisine possible …but get to know the locals so perhaps you can improve on our experience.

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