Weekly Photo Challenge: Renewal

Hidden in the woods renewal is continuous, mostly unobserved by human eye, as season pass from growth in spring to death in winter.   Only to rise again the following year.  A renewal cycle that has been maintained for millennium. But we are also privy to changes that are so tremendous that they overwhelm our senses and perhaps our understanding.

Move beyond  this calm view of a fall day and turn the corner as it is shattered by the sight of thousands of salmon struggling to reach their birth place where they renew the most precious gift – the Renewal  of their Species

Serene hides the male storm

I will need more skill to deliver the sense of the immensity of this annual odyssey.  An odyssey that requires the ultimate sacrifice to ensure that life is renewed and continues for the next generation. Below, based on my first experience, are my efforts to capture the exodus. But it is the challenge of one creature whose extreme effort is played out in its quest for renewal.  So perhaps thsi Flickr Video will allow to get a better sense of the struggle..



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