NaPoWriMo April Month of Poetry Apr 23


True symbol of Metamorphis
Twice a day the shorelines I kiss
With the rain I rush down to the sea
Like a shimmering mirror I  reflect what you see

Where  I run sculptures cut deep in the  land
Trying to capture me I slip through your hand
Watch me come and  go with each tide 
Secrets revealed briefly but then I  hide

Life nurtured from sky’s gift as I fall
Whether in waves or brooks hear my call
In return for life water must return to sky 
For without me all would whither and die

All rights reserved  © Scott Sedman Copywrite 2013



NaPoWriMo April Month of Poetry Apr 22

Ships starboard tip to gain a push from all my might
Plane curve their wings to get a lift higher into flight
Lofty highway migrates old to life renew
Carries wild bird songs aloft as they bid adieux

Howling loud your soul with dread may fill
For in moments life I can reduce to nil
My anger swirling round leaves all in dark
Naught left behind but brand new day to start

My tree top music inspire grasses hands to meet
Heat from sun stirs the wind  gently rocking you to sleep

NaPoWriMo April Month of Poetry Apr 20


Dew floats morning mist towards brightening sky
Sleeping beauty radiates fiery red as sun rays fly
Black earth and green leaves form the perfect frame
For each morning’s picture never quite the same
Dreams pale compared to nature canvas so complete
Prepare me well for the days opportunities to meet


All rights reserved  © Scott Sedman Copywrite 2013

NaPoWriMo April Month of Poetry Apr 19


Sensing with soul feel the magic from the past
Creatures out of sight may revel themselves in a flash

Fairy tales when told bring to life when bidden
Stepping into view from whence once were hidden

Not when you look too closely do they appear
For if you stare fleeting shadows remain unclear

Like shooting stars only seen with sideways glance
From the corner of your eye glimpsed just by chance

For passing moment like genie captured they endure
Existing in real world with you entanced by their allure

Enjoy brief encounter and do not ask for more
From beings brought forth from long forgotten lore

Seek answers why,  like meteor they fade into night
Leaving you to wonder whether real or imagined brief fairy sight

Or perhaps seeing that you are may be acting bold
Take you away for the love of them you hold

All rights reserved  © Scott Sedman Copywrite 2013

NaPoWriMo April Month of Poetry Apr 18


Footsteps in the sand
Walking from sea to land
No clue from where they came
Whether different or the same

In their path faded proof that I too exist
But lost in thought hints of me all but missed
Waters cleansing return will leave no trace
Never knowing their thoughts nor seen their face

All rights reserved  © Scott Sedman Copywrite 2013

NaPoWriMo April Month of Poetry Apr 16

EnvyFrom afar we look the same

Fly gracefully high and glide the winds

Up close to them bestowed all  fame

On inspection my reputation dims

Perched in tree perceived more regale

Than daring clutch to cliff face rocks

Even with bald head glory to golden eagle

For me disdain for red head  mocked

All rights reserved  © Scott Sedman Copywrite 2013