Catch up to NaPoWriMo April Month of Poetry

Day 3  Snow and Salt

Virgin snow melt rushes down to meet
Salty waves flowing into creek
Swirling, dancing they become as one
Happy union reflecting rays from sun
Tides and currents interwine
Hear them whisper that you are mine
Ebb and flow as time does pass
But short reunion cannot last
As tide does return to oceans deep
Flowing waters with sadness now to sleep
To dream of love that each day will pull
Snow and salt together when moon is full
Day 2 Floating Muse


Second is born from first
Sun shines bright morning moon light fades
Awakening I seek to  quench creative thirst
To birth new words a poem to be made
Look now as white caressed by current blue
Out my window regal swan sails serenely through
Floating perfect muse unlocks the door
Allow my words to flow as thoughts do soar


Day 1 A New Day

A new day
Another chance to see what may
A new month
Another time upon it happened once
A new season
Another insight into my life’s reason
A new path down which to start
Another page to express my art

All rights reserved   Scott Sedman Copywrite 2013


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