NaPoWriMo April Month of Poetry Apr 11


On first glance a creature awkward

Walking on stilts falling forward

White wispy hair  in disaray

One with too many years past away

When call is heard  all blood curdles

How does one overcome such hurdles

Yet spirit of dragons live in my soul

Shadow like night when soaring wings unfurl

As ancient  kin from above did bellow

Such a call all did flee awesome foe

Direct descendant of dinosaurs

Prehistoric Pterodactyl Ancestor


But beauty is hidden in old man

A ballerina on toes I gracefully stand

When I fly eagles weep to see the grace

Envy grows when golden eyes light my face

While others quickly look so see the worst

Rich rewards when second glance sees more than first

All rights reserved  © Scott Sedman Copywrite 2013


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