Antithesis of Stand Still: Action

Scott Sedman Copyright©2013 All Rights Reserved First I am far then I am near Look quickly before I disappear In a blink of your eye I am gone Leaving naught behind but my song

Daily Prompt: Stand still

Capture this moment and hold it dear The time of my ending may be near One be one disappear but who is next Before all is gone you should be vexed

Paris Parks: The Cat’s Meow Edition

Originally posted on Paris: People, Places and Bling:
Memory, All alone in the moonlight at the Cimetière des Chiens et Autres Animaux Domestiques Photos by T. Brack Steinlen’s Tournée du Chat Noir in Montmartre By Theadora Brack “We’ll always have Paris,” Rick tells Elsa at the end of the movie Casablanca, without mentioning any of…