Till day is done – Rice fields

Sleepy sun rolls over, still time to snooze Moon moves Pai Gow tiles more time to loose

Surrounding dark holds shadows at bay   From too short sleep I greet new day Greedy Chop Stick clings to rice            Stomach growls as I kick the mice  Waste not time to eat, no time to tarry          Leaning on hoe, basket heaved to carry   

 As I trudge up hill yawning sun reflects        The stalks of rice that overnight have slept  Awakening now deeply drink waters sweet Stretching high while roots dig deep  

 Bending low, work has no end in sight.        Day turtle slow while rabbit fast the night

All too soon my body will forever rest       While soaring soul to heaven blessed 



Ode to Warriors of Clay

In battle armour with perfect bow                     One solitary battle left me low  Centuries under ground with brothers slept              No movement save tears from river wept Weapons stolen whilst we burnt                     Trapped by 2000 years of dirt  Free at last thanks to farmers well.                Eight Thousand voices released from hell 




Having conquered the land below Qin Shi Huong must prepare for the next life.  To remain Emperor an immortal army must be created  to protect the tomb.  

 This army will be like no other army in the next life – with weapons, horses, chariots and more.   Even up to 1/3 the national budget, this will take precedence.  

To get the army ready preparations must start now while I am still vigorous – as the construction will take decades.  

No expense must be spared. Each soldier and general will be unique and strong – armoured and armed.   
They will be forever placed in battle formation guarding all directions but especially to the direction of our enemies.   



Ancient Walls and New Words

Now that China is one, to protect the land as   Qin Shi Huang, I will build a Great Wall that will stretch across all the nation – a land moat to keep out the hoards.    

 Many may be sacrificed, but not in vain. They will save their Emperor, their people and their families  The souls of those who perish will live on in the walls to protect the land. 

I will visit the land of Confucius. His teachings of benevolence and harmony will unite the land so we can prosper.  

A single coin to make the land prosperous.   Common writing will allow the people to know my name   

And  hear the true words of the emperor 


Qin Shi The First Emperor 

When they put up my epitaph no words will be written on my monument because no words will be strong enough to describe my power.   

For generations wars have been fought with no ending. First one and then another tribal leader, prince or “king” grew strong and conquered his neighbours.  Soon after to be conquered by another.  

But I am different. I will remain strong so that no one can overcome me.  Once complete I will unite all of China.  

One ruler. Qin Shi Huang – the first of first   One land will require unity beyond borders. Common tools for measurement and currency.  A unifying philosophy; Confucius 

But more important one common written language that will be used by all to ensure progress but also control.  So my history will be written down and people will remember me . 


Forbidden Cities

You have longed for this day!  Dreamed of this day!  Why then are you so fearful!!!

You have been invited/commanded to appear before a dignitary and then perhaps, Heaven Forbid, the Emperor. 

In The Forbidden City. 

Always seen from afar and always with awe. 

What awaits could change your life to one far better ….but one wrong step or perceived lack of respect could end it!

Forbidden was not a shallow title.  The city is the home for the God like ruler and those who served.  Approaching, you will be escorted to the side gates that is designated for people.

The main entrance is reserved for the Emperor ( and his wife only on her single day of marriage). 

Then your introduction to the first of many bureaucrats that you will have to impress and Kow Tow before finally reaching the final approval point in your new journey.  

   Trust in the prayer offerings and the Feng Shui that has brought you this far.  Put out any negative thoughts and enter your new world with confidence.