Formal Evening

I am sure each of us has enjoyed/survived a special evening at an upscale restaurant at one time or another.  I know we have enjoyed our share over the years.

From the unease as the waiter places a napkin over your near and dear to trying to digest the price list that include wines that you have seen at your local liquor store for one fifth the price.

But while enjoying the moment, despite the prices, you should also seek to laugh at the formality of it all. 

So while I will save the pictures of great food for another post, this is just that self effacing moment….

Although looking forward to the meal, being on the 103rd floor of the Ritz in Hong Kong, I was also excited about the views.  And as a photo buff, the opportunity to capture the moment.

 But as it was raining – no actually monsooning – I was worried that I could never get a picture of the view down to Hong Kong Harbour.  So as soon as the sky cleared, I jumped up, camera in hand, and captured my first shot.
But as I got up I did not realize that my carefully placed napkin fell to the floor. While I captured my shot the chagrined waiter quickly came to the rescue and retrieved said napkin placing  it back on the abandoned chair.

In ignorance I returned to my meal, enjoyed a few bites. And of course was soon distracted again by the intermittent cityscape that appeared like Brigadoon as the clouds dispersed.

Much to his dismay, my waiter was soon diving for a second lost napkin as I jumped up to capture another shot.  Hilariously,  as I ignored all, my wife cracked up as the waiter dove under table to search for a second lost napkin.  Not sure if our server ever found it but it was enough for both of us to giggle  till tears fell as we returned to our meal.  Perhaps you had to be there, but leave it your imagination ….😀 


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