Michelin x 2 Part I

How  different can a Michelin star be in the same city. Well quite a bit we discoverd after we checked out two. 

First One Dim Dum – hidden in a crowded street that would be very easy to miss. 

Inside decor only multiplies the uncertainty – how could this be a star rated? 

Tight quarters to better to get to know your neighbours and close enough to share a bite.   Chipped white cups that have seen better days filled with basic black tea.  What’s not to like?
But once the food starts to arrive then all Thea rest is so forgotten.  Fresh, hot and delicious.  

Although we did not stray too far from our comfort zone –  barbecue pork buns, shrimp and sticky rice –  all was served very fresh and delicious. And we had no wait despite having heard of long line ups with no reservations.



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