Michelin x 2 Part II

From down to earth to the heavens.  Delayed by a sudden storm we taxied to the Ritz worried that even with required reservations in hand we may have lost our table if late arrival past 15 minutes.  

A long ride up over 400 meters straight up to Tin Lung Heen.  With a view over the harbour.  white glove service and 40′ ceilings , this was so far removed from One Dim Sum as to be from another planet.   

And some of the prices seemed out of this world!  

But we selected as judiciously as we could while the sky cleared to a sumptuous view that only slightly surpassed the delights soon brought to the table.

We enjoyed soft shell crab as well as deep fried chicken,  among others.  All presented with grace and flare.


Ending with green tea that was delicate in both taste and servings.  

So which one would you select???


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