Hong Kong Tourist 

Our official guided tour of Hong Kong.  Met up with fellow travellers from Calgary, Toronto, and others from the U.S.

Guide was a local who was helpful but not the most knowledgeable about history.

First up was a trip to the island of Lantau – even bigger than HK. Some amazing engineering with bridges and tunnels as well as the climb up with the Gondola up to the base of the statue touted as the Biggest Buddha – outside renditions comparison . On Par with Peak to Peak at Whistler but no snow as it was 30+C)

   We rode

 Some climbed.

Although not ancient (1993) the views of the Buddha were still awe inspiring.

   After a climb to the base of the statue ( 200 or so steps) we had to choose the trail to be taken.

Wisdom or Fun 

 We chose wisely! 

 Having filled our spirits we were prepared for lunch in the small village.  Then a trek back to the city and a visit to the peak in Hing Kong.  

Shades of a San Francisco trolley ride up a 27 degree slope past some of the most expensive homes. 

Then to the views..   

At the end of the day a quick look of Temple Market as the shop keepers and hawkers prepared for the night market.   Seems like you could buy anything in this market.



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