Forbidden Cities

You have longed for this day!  Dreamed of this day!  Why then are you so fearful!!!

You have been invited/commanded to appear before a dignitary and then perhaps, Heaven Forbid, the Emperor. 

In The Forbidden City. 

Always seen from afar and always with awe. 

What awaits could change your life to one far better ….but one wrong step or perceived lack of respect could end it!

Forbidden was not a shallow title.  The city is the home for the God like ruler and those who served.  Approaching, you will be escorted to the side gates that is designated for people.

The main entrance is reserved for the Emperor ( and his wife only on her single day of marriage). 

Then your introduction to the first of many bureaucrats that you will have to impress and Kow Tow before finally reaching the final approval point in your new journey.  

   Trust in the prayer offerings and the Feng Shui that has brought you this far.  Put out any negative thoughts and enter your new world with confidence. 




  1. did you also go to the old summer palace? i think thats a beautiful gem in the middle of urban smog

  2. Yes we visited. Peaceful with a huge manmade lake in the middle. We were able to take a ride on a REAK Dragon Boatd I.e. One with a dragon head and tail😃
    I think we were in the stomach !

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