Time passages

As you approach the wall  a shadow moves just to the side.  Was that a whisper calling your name from behind.  A touch or just the breeze caressing your arm. 

Ancient walls. Gargoyles and statues.   Hidden within is a connection to its origins.  That connection longs to touch their place of birth or tell their story. 

Help them. Find that place. Touch that place. The object will talk to you and reveal its secrets.  Embrace that feeling when we touch a castle wall or open a door 

   or an ancient relic  

 Some objects contain a special energy source that, when tapped,will allow much more.

Doors, for one, may open a path to their past, allowing you to enter a long ago world at a specific point in their life. 

But of all the objects that connect the gifted seeker back in time are clocks.   Such is their energy that they can bring you back to different points in time where you can see a story unfold or perhaps dare to interfere and change some aspect. 

Beware of what you have adjusted, for it may not be what you thought



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