Time passages

As you approach the wall  a shadow moves just to the side.  Was that a whisper calling your name from behind.  A touch or just the breeze caressing your arm. 

Ancient walls. Gargoyles and statues.   Hidden within is a connection to its origins.  That connection longs to touch their place of birth or tell their story. 

Help them. Find that place. Touch that place. The object will talk to you and reveal its secrets.  Embrace that feeling when we touch a castle wall or open a door 

   or an ancient relic  

 Some objects contain a special energy source that, when tapped,will allow much more.

Doors, for one, may open a path to their past, allowing you to enter a long ago world at a specific point in their life. 

But of all the objects that connect the gifted seeker back in time are clocks.   Such is their energy that they can bring you back to different points in time where you can see a story unfold or perhaps dare to interfere and change some aspect. 

Beware of what you have adjusted, for it may not be what you thought



Hong Kong Tourist 

Our official guided tour of Hong Kong.  Met up with fellow travellers from Calgary, Toronto, and others from the U.S.

Guide was a local who was helpful but not the most knowledgeable about history.

First up was a trip to the island of Lantau – even bigger than HK. Some amazing engineering with bridges and tunnels as well as the climb up with the Gondola up to the base of the statue touted as the Biggest Buddha – outside renditions comparison . On Par with Peak to Peak at Whistler but no snow as it was 30+C)

   We rode

 Some climbed.

Although not ancient (1993) the views of the Buddha were still awe inspiring.

   After a climb to the base of the statue ( 200 or so steps) we had to choose the trail to be taken.

Wisdom or Fun 

 We chose wisely! 

 Having filled our spirits we were prepared for lunch in the small village.  Then a trek back to the city and a visit to the peak in Hing Kong.  

Shades of a San Francisco trolley ride up a 27 degree slope past some of the most expensive homes. 

Then to the views..   

At the end of the day a quick look of Temple Market as the shop keepers and hawkers prepared for the night market.   Seems like you could buy anything in this market.


Yin and Yang Opposites side x side

Yin and Yang Defined

Thought of as opposite or contrary forces but may actually be complementary and interdependent in the natural world.   As they interrelate  in a dynamic system the whole is greater than the assembled parts. Everything has both yin and yang aspects. The art of photography is a pure examle as shadows cannot exist without light. 

Hong Kong is a dynamic rendition of this concept.   

Temples old offer reverence to the gods while modern financial towers protect earthly treasures.  
Copious wealth is flaunted while extreme poverty sits around the corner.    

  Pious versus material walk side by side.


Bountiful Gardens and Seasides

Within and surrounding Hong Kong there are places of tranquility to escape the crowds, noise and pollution.

Within the city is the garden Nan Lian with greenery and flowers to sooth a hectic day. 



Further afield is the island of Cheung Chau.  Less than an hour by ferry this little village island has narrow streets leading to seaside “junks” and hidden temples    View of the habour

  Working “junks” and 

 Working man…how many generations.

 The temple of Tak Pai dating back to the late 1700’s.

Michelin x 2 Part II

From down to earth to the heavens.  Delayed by a sudden storm we taxied to the Ritz worried that even with required reservations in hand we may have lost our table if late arrival past 15 minutes.  

A long ride up over 400 meters straight up to Tin Lung Heen.  With a view over the harbour.  white glove service and 40′ ceilings , this was so far removed from One Dim Sum as to be from another planet.   

And some of the prices seemed out of this world!  

But we selected as judiciously as we could while the sky cleared to a sumptuous view that only slightly surpassed the delights soon brought to the table.

We enjoyed soft shell crab as well as deep fried chicken,  among others.  All presented with grace and flare.


Ending with green tea that was delicate in both taste and servings.  

So which one would you select???

Michelin x 2 Part I

How  different can a Michelin star be in the same city. Well quite a bit we discoverd after we checked out two. 

First One Dim Dum – hidden in a crowded street that would be very easy to miss. 

Inside decor only multiplies the uncertainty – how could this be a star rated? 

Tight quarters to better to get to know your neighbours and close enough to share a bite.   Chipped white cups that have seen better days filled with basic black tea.  What’s not to like?
But once the food starts to arrive then all Thea rest is so forgotten.  Fresh, hot and delicious.  

Although we did not stray too far from our comfort zone –  barbecue pork buns, shrimp and sticky rice –  all was served very fresh and delicious. And we had no wait despite having heard of long line ups with no reservations.


Formal Evening

I am sure each of us has enjoyed/survived a special evening at an upscale restaurant at one time or another.  I know we have enjoyed our share over the years.

From the unease as the waiter places a napkin over your near and dear to trying to digest the price list that include wines that you have seen at your local liquor store for one fifth the price.

But while enjoying the moment, despite the prices, you should also seek to laugh at the formality of it all. 

So while I will save the pictures of great food for another post, this is just that self effacing moment….

Although looking forward to the meal, being on the 103rd floor of the Ritz in Hong Kong, I was also excited about the views.  And as a photo buff, the opportunity to capture the moment.

 But as it was raining – no actually monsooning – I was worried that I could never get a picture of the view down to Hong Kong Harbour.  So as soon as the sky cleared, I jumped up, camera in hand, and captured my first shot.
But as I got up I did not realize that my carefully placed napkin fell to the floor. While I captured my shot the chagrined waiter quickly came to the rescue and retrieved said napkin placing  it back on the abandoned chair.

In ignorance I returned to my meal, enjoyed a few bites. And of course was soon distracted again by the intermittent cityscape that appeared like Brigadoon as the clouds dispersed.

Much to his dismay, my waiter was soon diving for a second lost napkin as I jumped up to capture another shot.  Hilariously,  as I ignored all, my wife cracked up as the waiter dove under table to search for a second lost napkin.  Not sure if our server ever found it but it was enough for both of us to giggle  till tears fell as we returned to our meal.  Perhaps you had to be there, but leave it your imagination ….đŸ˜€