Sailing into paradise

Tween Sky and Water blue sails of white

Set our course for port before the night

Wind unfurls sail to fly over waters deep

To refuge’s lapping waves and gentle sleep

Anchor set before dark replaces light

Tomorrow a new adventure in our sight



Sweni Wilderness Trail reblog

It is Sunday afternoon and we’re standing around in the parking area of Satara Rest Camp, in the Kruger National Park. My sister Ansie and I have already enjoyed two wonderful days exploring the southern part of the reserve, and now we’re very excited to depart on the next part of our visit – the Sweni […]

Desolation Sound

Ancient people sliding into secret fishing grounds. Old world sailing ships lost at sea. Pirate hideouts hiding plundered treasures. 

Just the name opens the imagination to the the whispers of such long forgotten tales.

Located up the BC coast from Vancouver, the islands, bays and fjords in and around Desolation Bay can be accessed from on high via float plane.  I am sure that the views would be spectacular for those so inclined.       

But the only way to really connect to those ancient ghosts is on the water.

 Considered by some to be one of the 1000 (100?) places to visit before passing on to the next world. 

Its siren call has lured me since we moved to the island. Now thanks to great neighbours, and now great friends,  we are about to reduce the bucket list by one.

The Sun stretched out golden arms to sooth the restless ocean waves as we arrived at our departure point south of Desolation Sound. 

Tomorrow we start our journey to the natural wonders that await.  Stay tuned