Palermo Quick Tour

Walking in the old town near our hotel, you come across evidence of previous wealth and prosperity.  An example is the four corners – Quattro Campi – two shown here.

Built to the wealth of the Campi or districts,  each corner represents one of the four seasons topped with the usual statues of princes and religious icons.

Other examples include the Opera House


Another is a piazza which was referred to as the Square of Shame.  Piazza Pretoria demonstrated a time when excess may have been too timid a description. This  fountain was purchased from Tuscany as is, and transported piece by piece to Sicily to “scream” we have arrived and we are rich.


But as may be the case with some wealth it went too far.  Within sight of two  churches with nuns’ convents overlooking the square, the naked exposure of numerous genitalia was consider inappropriate.  As a result some pieces have been concealed and some statues parts have been physically removed.


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  1. Jo-Anne says:

    thanks for the background on the photos. HOpe you are having a great trip!

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