A home for the King of Angels

Today we made our way to the UNESCO site of Mont Saint-Michel and the surrounding bay. At high tide the Abbey is totally surrounded by water, and twice a year (at highest tide) can only be reached by boat.

It is a Benedictine Abbey dedicated to Saint Michael the Archangel. A small church was originally built in 708 high on a mountain of solid granite. Because of its location, by the 13th century it became church, village, and military fortification.

This is our first view of the site from the highway.
We walked the causeway towards Mont St-Michel to get the best impression.
Unfortunately we didn’t visit at very high tide, but you can see the mudflats. When the tide does come in, the site will be encircled by sea.
This fellow was popular with kids and adults. Always looking for food!
I happened upon a wandering pilgrim. 😉
The Abbey church. Not the original of 708. This one built in 11th century.
Rooms were built to withstand assault. The scope of the architecture was impressive for its time.
This was the dinning hall for Kings and visiting Dignitaries. It was huge! With two of these fireplaces.
Meeting hall for gathering of Knights. Fancy!
This copper statue of St Michael sits 160 meters high. Cost half a million, but acts as a lightening rod as well.
Heading back after a fact filled day!
Our last view of Mont Ste-Michel.


  1. Long time no see and speak. It looks like everything is well with you guys and that you are enjoying retirement. Great photos of Mont Ste Michel. When I was younger I visited it several times. One day Cathy Anne and I will make our way there. Cheers and have a great trip.

  2. armchair travel is better through the eyes of friends😎i love france….eat a croissant and raise a glass of wine for me.happy wandering!Sent from my Galaxy Tab® A

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