Refresh me with Apples for I am faint with love.

From ripened pommes to golden elixir

Given the region’s reputation for some of the best Apple cider, a visit to a local farm and distillery introduced us to the process from farming through distillation to fermentation

To create an apple, we were told that an introduction of at least two distinct apple varieties must be made. And the introduction is delegated to French bees 🐝.

And being French, the bees take their job of romantic introduction of the male and female cross pollination seriously. Like an ancient match maker the introduction encourages consummation by taking romantic advantage of the spring season. The apple flowers 🌸 are blooming and the spring sun opens hearts, and petals, allowing the bees to carry pollen on the warm breezes between trees.

It takes many bees to create the apples that infuse the cider.

From the apples the double distillation produces the liquids turning 7% natural alcohol to the desired 40 % by aging and mixing in oak barrels for different periods to create desired blends.

From all this we get to enjoy the results.


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