Seaside town inspires artists…and us.

La Quai de Honfleur

A beautiful, relaxed village in Normandy. Fitting for our last stop in the north, before heading south. Interestingly, it has a distinct relationship with Canada – specifically Quebec.

Before the French Revolution, Honfleur’s shipowners made their fortune from trading, especially with North America. Samuel de Champlain, one of the most famous explorers associated with the port, headed off from Honfleur to found the Canadian city of Quebec. Lucrative trade for the Honfleur shipping magnates included cod-fishing off Newfoundland and the slave trade.

Our Honfleur home away from home is somewhat “rustic chic” – the decor chosen by someone who enjoys garage sales – but in the French style. Not our style, but the place is large and very comfortable. No complaints.

The town is a potpourri of old buildings and narrow streets where we enjoyed pleasant walks surrounded by other strolling tourists, many from France.

But of course, there was the requisite church tour…

Built in 1470’s, this church survived a direct hit from a WWII bomb that “
perhaps, “miraculously”, did not explode.
Unlike many other churches, Eglise St. Catherine is beautiful in its simplicity.


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