Travelling over wonders of human engineering…..

Opened in

Pont de Normandie as seen from above Honfleur

Opened in 1995, this is the final span over the Seine River before the waters reaches the ocean. It held a number or records on the date of completion, but for us it was record crossing given some tingles of fear when driving over.

The bridge as experienced when driving over.

But we had to cross over to reach our first significant hiking spot. It was actually only one of two engineering marvels in our meandering trip to Entretet.

2nd bridge we crossed reminds me of Confederation Bridge on our east coast.

Side note: Confederation Bridge cost over $1 billion (1997) to service some 200,000 population (P.E.I.) but nothing similar for our population of a million people +/- in the western islands….but I digress ☹️



  1. Scary bridge!!! Aren’t we fortunate not to have bridges connecting our island to the mainland?

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