Southern Comfort..sun and food.

First at “home” prepped meal…All local.

Arrived in Aix-en-Provence after 4 hour TGV train ride from Paris to the south of France. Some 30 years have passed since we were anywhere close to this area. After a comfortable train ride we settle into our new home away from home. Complete with kitchen, so we can control food intake🤪

Our first home prepared meal included cheese, olives, tomato and of course bread. We added a pate made with “naturally” salted lamb. The concept is that lamb from the area near Mont Saint Michel feed off grass watered by the evaporated dew from the sea. So salt is ingested throughout the animal long before it reaches our table. Thanks to Chris for giving us a Heads up to look out for this.

Pre Salted Lamb pate of Mont Saint Michel .

Just one of the items picked up as we enjoyed the weekend market. Mostly local fresh fruits and vegetables and an array of fresh seafood. We will be using fresh clams this evening for spaghetti vongole. The south of France is closer to Italy in distance and some foods.


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