Aix – City of Fountains

Fontaine de la Rotonde

The Romans looked for towns with a water source. They founded Aix in 122 AD on a natural spring, so it became known as the town of a thousand fountains. Although, I’m sure we didn’t see more than a dozen!

Sediment has built up for years

Today Aix has two distinct sides. The Medieval Old Town, built in the 11th century with twisty, winding streets. And the bourgeois New Town built in 17th century with the wide tree-shaded Cours Mirabeau and modern grid-formatted streets.

Town Hall

Much like Victoria, today the town’s main source of revenue is tourism and students!

In addition to fountains, the city is also adorned with mascarons – an architectural element found on street corners at first floor level. Many are religious in nature providing protection or just solace in trouble times. Our guide indicated that there were 92 in Aix, but we only found a few in our journeys,

But we also found solace of our own…😋


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