Hidden doors to the past…

It is often easy to loose your way as you wander through streets that have felt the footsteps of thousands more than your own; for eons before your birth. If you stray too far you may cross a door sill that trips a hidden passage to another time….

Once the gate has been open, what awaits is uncertain…..

An empire lost

Cautiously look around, and take care not to being attention to your foreign bearing…

Who are these legionnaires…?
And what are they planning

I think I have stumbled on an important event.

Passing through time gateways is not good for your health, especially if you did not bring a sword…

And leave before you are carried off beyond the River of Sticks with those who have fallen in battle.

Quick before they come too close. Escape! But perhaps like the song..

You can check out anytime you want but you can never leave.



    1. It’s was not excepted but on a visit to the Nimes stadium, they were rehearsing for an upcoming show (still use the 2000 year old coliseum!). Kind of weird and funny. As if you looked closely the soldiers were mostly older and fatter than expected of Roman elite😋. But some careful editing makes it look almost real….HaHa

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