Into the wild…the Camargue

The symbol of the Camargue

This region on the Mediterranean is a protected wildlife area. Home to many birds, it also sustains a breed of white horses. No longer wild the beautiful horses roam freely on desolate plains where they feed, mate and bring up their young. The young may not turn white for a number of years that can range from 2 or 3 to even as late as 5 years

Got any apple.

Mounted herders called gardians ride the famous Camargue horses to herd another 4 legged creature living in the area. They are also hardy animals thriving on the marshes where they live semi-wild,

The Camargue cattle breed, in Provençal: Raço di bioù, is native to the Camargue marshlands of the delta of the River Rhone in southern France. The cattle are black in color with upward sweeping horns.
The bulls are used for bull-fighting and for the course camarguaise; animals suitable neither for the bull-ring nor for breeding are sold for beef.

Raço di bioù

All these animals are extremely dangerous, but we saw them at their most docile. But our guide indicated that if disturbed they will attack. In recent years one unfortunate biker met his demise when a bull jumped the fence and gave mortal chase.

But despite their aggressiveness, they may seem docile compared to one their cousins – the Spanish Bull. Bread specifically for extreme aggressiveness and endurance.

You looking at me!!!!

In the non mortal combats, aggressive bulls that prevent the matador from removing the symbols become more famous than the matadors. The gladiators of their time.

They are bread primarily for bull fights that end in death. But some competition involves detaching ribbons and other trinkets from around the horns and other areas on the bull.

These famous bulls fetch high fees and are often commemorated with a memorial statue on retirement.


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