Sur Le Pont… on two wheels

Famous View from Ile Barthelesse Island

Avignon, immortalized in a song “Sur Le Pont d’Avignon…”, is a pretty city know as the Citi Du Papes. Thanks to its short day in the sun as the centre of Catholic religion and home to the popes, it has a religious chateau, gardens and churches to warm the hearts of any clergy. Glory days lasted less than 100 years before Rome solidified the position that exists to this day.

Popes Palace

Besides the usual monuments the old town is surrounded by an amazing wall that has lasted hundreds of years.

One of the most intact walls from the medieval times

But our favourite part was a short bike ride over the bridge close to the famous bridge to a verdant island – ILE BARTHELASSE -along country roads surrounded by vines, olives and other produce.

Some background to The Pont D’Avignon as it is famous for more than the song that you can never get out of your head. Known also for its lack of completion. Once spanning 2o+ arches, it was rebuilt many times. But after its destruction once too often it was left as it now exits….never reaching the other shore.

But it made for a beautiful backdrop for a bike ride, a great lunch with a view and a selfie.

Lunch view towards the Place of The Pope in Avignon
Bridge is on the left🙂

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  1. You two look like you are having fun. Everything looks so romantic and just as I imagined.

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