The City of Lights heats up

Fitting to introduce a blog on our last stop by starting with its more famous visual cue. We had decided not to reach for the top by stairs or conveance since we had both visited Paris in the past. But it would have been an opportune time since the line ups were considerably less than previous experiences.

So enjoying a beautiful sunny day which was perfect for capturing the many iconic features of the so called City of Lights. Like most of the time in our 4 weeks in France we were “blessed” with temperatures soaring to 30 degrees. Although early by local standards, our late evening meal found us longing for our beds by the time the lights were switched on. So we stolled through the city in the day time pretending to be just another Parisian going about their affairs.

Vistiting all the historial sites and museums takes literally days given so many are not to be missed. From the famous Louvre with its Mona LIsa to the beautiful setting for many Impressionistat paintings at the Musse D’orsey. More intimate sites such as the Musée de l’Orangerie with its massive Monet paintings and the realtively small home and gardens of Rodin and his muse Camile.

Having enjoyed many of these in the past, we decided to to spend a half day vistitng a favorite- Rodin.

Small relative to the Louvre or Musse D’orsey

Of all his works the most famous is of course……

The Thinker

Or this one might be the favorite for some romantics…

The Kiss

But what makes it interesting is the variety of his works that are relatively unknown to neophiles like me…

But one that perhaps might be relateable to those in our advancing years…..:)

By his Muse Camile – perhaps thinking of Rodin’s mortality given age difference

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