Arabian Nights Moroccan Delights

Our first foray on the African continent! Tremendous excitement to be in Morocco and looking forward to exploring an area rich in history that is part of early human civilization. We hope to get an education on a world that is vastly different than ours but rich in tradition and amazing geology. Enhancing what we feel is already outside our usual travel boundaries is the timing of our visit. We will have arrived in the midst of the Muslim’s world most important celebration – Ramadan for 2023.

Along with sharing what we learn through our own words and pictures we have partnered with another creative intelligence. To help us visualize our journey we will employ the functionality offered by Microsoft’s Bing and its deep learning algorithms Dall-e.

DALL-E is a generative AI model developed by Open AI that can generate images and art from a text prompt. In other words, you can write a sentence describing exactly what you want to see and DALL-E will create an image based on its understanding. At the start of each new travel adventure I will give the Bing/Dall-e engine a prompt for my idea of an image that represents the area we are visiting. Then one of the images generated from our prompts to the Dall-e will highlight that adventure.

And the images we have chosen here are renditions of the great mosque in Casablanca – the city of our arrival. Very fitting as an introduction to the country as well as the current celebration.



  1. Wotz with all this artificial intelligence? I want real scotty pics!!!!!! Hope u’re ok after the long flight…and will b ok not eating anything during the day ??

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  2. Very cool. So glad you are there. Isnt that mosque an amazing sight? And what AI does with it is super cool!

    Guess you head north toward Fez next?

    And did I tell you that Ann Gronow and Colin Tener are about 3 days ahead of you!!! Small world…

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