Sensory Overload

UNESCO supported industry upholds ancient leather curing

Walking into one section of the Medina you are met with an attack on your olfactory senses that cannot be ignored. In fact , as you wind your way up the stairs to a balcony overlooking an amazing sight, you are handed a bunch of mint leaves – not for your next herbal tea – but to shove as close to or up your nose to somewhat dampen the overwhelming smell that pervades everything. And it is well needed!,

Lime is first mixed with pigeon “shit”

In this liquid bath the animal hides are dunked to be cured before further processing and then dyed as they move towards some day being turned into coats, purses, briefcases and other leather products.

This may be worth a visit, but if you considering vegetarianism, then this would be one important contribution to your reasons to do so.


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