Daily Prompt: Fright Night – Foragers of the Night

Dark and deep run scaly creature
Hypnotizing prey with glowing eyes they lure
Unsuspecting,  edging closer to eyes so bright
Soon loose their life despite their fight
On this planet, in this atmosphere you would soon starve for breath in three minutes.  Light barely penetrates enough to see a foot in front of you.    Populated by denizens who eagerly sink their pincers and claws into soft flesh as they tear and render the flesh from body.  Though not large in stature they are large in numbers. Spider-like they rattle over their prey and soon reduce foes to skeletal remains.
In addition to their pincer like limbs or vice like claws fortifying them for battle,  their own skeletons are external giving armoured protection.   Eagerly they await any foreigners who dare to enter their dark domain.
Why would you volunteer to enter into this world.  In the dark of night.  Armed with little more than rope and burlap!  What would posses you to battle such an enemy.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Renewal

Hidden in the woods renewal is continuous, mostly unobserved by human eye, as season pass from growth in spring to death in winter.   Only to rise again the following year.  A renewal cycle that has been maintained for millennium. But we are also privy to changes that are so tremendous that they overwhelm our senses and perhaps our understanding.

Move beyond  this calm view of a fall day and turn the corner as it is shattered by the sight of thousands of salmon struggling to reach their birth place where they renew the most precious gift – the Renewal  of their Species

Serene hides the male storm

I will need more skill to deliver the sense of the immensity of this annual odyssey.  An odyssey that requires the ultimate sacrifice to ensure that life is renewed and continues for the next generation. Below, based on my first experience, are my efforts to capture the exodus. But it is the challenge of one creature whose extreme effort is played out in its quest for renewal.  So perhaps thsi Flickr Video will allow to get a better sense of the struggle..



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Weekly Photo Challenge: Geometry

Such a great inspiration to stimulate the creative spirit as evidenced by the many and varied responses. I looked at a number of subjects from nature to travel.

But one idea seemed perfect.  Good friends are always encouraging my photography through ideas and contacts. In this case W alerted me to this display that was part of a city wide artistic effort called Luminato.  I spent hours trying to capture the essence of the display that I found fascinating.

Not only is the illusion a great subject for geometry , but the building itself is a geometric masterpiece of architecture.

The concept of geometry is often symmetrical, using different forms of repetition to visually take you on a journey.  The voyage may be an adventure, but perhaps just an illusion that, like a maze,  leads you back you from where you started.

Is that a bouncing red ball in slow motion – or perhaps a red planet hurtling through space.

The concept of repetition and illusion was beautifully captured in words I first heard in the 1968 version of  The Thomas Crown Affair with Steve McQueenFaye Dunaway.  My favourite version of “Windmills of your Mind” is sung by Jose Feliciano.

……Like a clock whose hands are sweeping
Past the minutes on it’s face
And the world is like an apple
Whirling silently in space
Like the circles that you find
In the windmills of your mind…..


Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette

This is a capture from earlier this summer, but one I found as I was looking for another picture.  Sometimes we get lucky in our shots…

Oh Canada

Here we was watching a classical concert and I happen to hear a new instrument coming from behind …some may not call it musical but the Canada Goose “honking” is one of those sounds that speak to my soul.

I was also fortunate that I heard them and also being able to capture the Canadian flag in full colour with the Silhouette of the geese….perhaps corny…but hey we Canadians don’t often brag so I let the picture speak for us….