NaPoWriMo April Month of Poetry Apr 14

NaPoWriMo April Month of Poetry Apr 14

Laura’s walk

Laura takes us past streams of blue
Guiding friends old and new
Sun shines down contented six well met
Along the shore we start our trek

Take in views of swans gracefull glide
As boats rock gently from side to side
Images reflected doubles our delight
Winding path reveals more beauty to our sight

Aound last corner comes just reward
For conquering our long but happy road
Food, friends and wine bless our return
Laughing now, rest in sweet sojourn


NaPoWriMo April Month of Poetry Apr 9


I stand on hill with centuries to remember
All that I’ve have seen of pain and wonder
Sadness so deep boughs sagged to cellar
Spirits lifted high that branches touched the stars

Back to Back men safely rested weary hearts
Lovers left their mark still etched in my bark
In the branches birds made homes on high
With each passing year new generations fly

Roots growing deep my soul touched  all the world
Gaia’s spirit blossomed while life around me swirled
Then cast out like orphaned child  rock alone to cling
When all had fled only death’s swinging scythe did sing

Once a grove with brothers near is now reduced to few
And all too soon I will be next to say adieu
But not for me to dwell on what and when
I stand on hill and embrace my memories once again

All rights reserved  © Scott Sedman Copywrite 2013

Weekly Photo Challenge: Green

Just came back from a long hike this weekend. Perfect inspiration for this weeks theme.  I feel that I may have had an advantage given the breadth of visuals that were presented.  Hope  you enjoy….Green is my world

Green is my world

Hear tall trees whisper through the leaves

Feel soft moss pillow beneath your feet

Smell musty lichen fluttering in the breeze

Watch the mist play hide and seek

Breath in deeply to taste life unfurled

Green is my world

Copyright WSSedman © 2012

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Sea and mountain our companions who seek the spaces in-between

The Space Between Sea and Shore

What draws us near so that we may explore

The invisible  line between sea and shore

Cracked open and filled by invisible hand

Abundant life below the waves and on the sand

Uncertainty drives us to learn a little more

About the space between sea and shore

We need to know and truly understand

If the spaces in-between were truly planned


I thought I would revive the original BLOG that started with the cross Canada trip to the west coast. Although I have started the 1st Year of Food on Vancouver Island Blog, many of our adventures involve so much more than food.  So I thought I would have more fun incorporating my photography with our travels and then link to the food blog for those specific culinary aspects of our community exploration.