A trip back to Paris

Inspired by a posting from

Have not been posting for a long time but the recent post by Theadora Brack reminded me of my last trip to the City of Lights.  Her blog posting had many fun pictures and interesting story as always.

A Pom-pom Romp Through Old Parigi

But her last picture in that post reminded me of a picture I took close to Montmartre, very close to that stunning church …or more precisely Basilica of Sacre-Coeur.

Anyway thought I would pay homage to her posting with this picture I took …


Check out her posting and then compare THE PROOF IS IN THE PUFFING  picture with that below.  She could be long lost twin with the lady in my picture.







As one Journey Ends so another Begins

Hello Again.  Just when  you thought it was safe to come back to your computer…weeee’re back!!

One last Post to show the cherry trees were in full bloom during our arrival week and this street in Rockland was a great visual representation of the growing number of flowering trees that can be found throughout the city and the surrounding  areas.

But like our journey now seems,  the flowers are short lived and soon fall and fade in memory.

But we would like to use our last post to invite you to share with us through other adventures – starting with the link below …click to find out more,,,

Our First Year of Island Food