London by Food 3

No matter what the status of the eateries, the real measure of a city’s food is their markets. What is fresh. What is unique. How active – is there a buzz from both the vendors and the people streaming through.

In London, we found one lauding proclaiming its right to be heard , seen, smelt and enjoyed.

From fresh fish to aging meats, recently caught seafood and aromatic cheeses with ready to be eaten food to devour while exploring or to be taken home.



A fitting last meal before venturing to the next adventure


Prehistoric to Roman


The UK has a grand enough history that stealing from other cultures might seem excessive, as their early history predates theRoman era as seen here in early times…


Alas when in Rome, or Egypt or Greece….then perhaps a little pilfering might be in order.  And who knows,  perhaps the relics might have been better preserved due to their removal to the museums in London.  Below a very small sample ….


And we can go back even further at the Natural History Museum.

London by Food 2

London is no longer the world of mushy peas and strange concoctions such as “toad in the hole” .  Although these and fish and chips can still be “enjoyed”,there is almost no food not available for the discerning palet.  We had a chance to enjoy many, but this was one of our favorites….Barrafina…Spanish Tampa style,  no reservations and everyone behind the bar only conversing in their native tongue. Food delicious, ambiance exciting,  and service extraordinaire.








The London Underworld

No good deed goes unpunished. In Neil Gaiman’s “Neverworld”, the protagonist falls through the cracks of the everyday world to The London subway unknown to most where he encounters an alternate shadow universe peopled by magic, monsters and good and evil characters.

his fault and descent is pushed upon him by one good deed in stopping to help a stranger.

Although we avoided both the good deed and the dramatic results, experiencing the Tube is a quintessential experience with both auditory and visual impact.

Our trip included a very few stops along the oldest subway but we enjoyed rapid transit, steep stairs, escalators and lifts. And of course “minding the gap”….

and even above ground, there more than enough interesting and exotic beings.

Our Home Station

London by Food 1

Travelling requires sustenance. And in London thankfully the choices are without limits.

First a traditional high tea…and at Ting located in the Shard, not only the tea is high. With views overlooking the Thames and other sites, sometimes food takes a back door to the views..and always more enjoyable when shared with friends

A Quick Stop in London

So much to see in so little time. Even with FG’S great organization skills. But we “Keep Calm, and Carry On”

From the first views coming into London…seeing views of the Eye from the plane seems more exciting than the views we might get from in the Eye.

Then on to the critical tourist must sees as we start the tour…parliament discussing Brexit, Trafalgar Square to New Scotland Yard – a must for all British Mystery readers.