Michelin x 2 Part I

How  different can a Michelin star be in the same city. Well quite a bit we discoverd after we checked out two.  First One Dim Dum – hidden in a crowded street that would be very easy to miss.     Inside decor only multiplies the uncertainty – how could this be a star rated?  Tight…

Formal Evening

I am sure each of us has enjoyed/survived a special evening at an upscale restaurant at one time or another.  I know we have enjoyed our share over the years. From the unease as the waiter places a napkin over your near and dear to trying to digest the price list that include wines that…


Date line behind and adventures ahead!

History…risk of forgetting..

Olympics 1936 Eastern Poland annexed/invaded in 1939 by Russia/Germany Eastern Poland integrated into Ukraine WWII Olympics 2013 Crimea annexed/invaded by Russia …… Santayana “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it”,

Weekly Photo Challenge: One

Even as winter temperature slides to nil Every colour of christmas our hearts do fill Etheral snow paints the world glistening white Each and every thing glows in dazzling light Everyone warmed by the tones of green and red Even hummingbird smiles as he bobes his head

Daily Prompt: Fright Night – Foragers of the Night

DailyPrompt Dark and deep run scaly creature Hypnotizing prey with glowing eyes they lure Unsuspecting,  edging closer to eyes so bright Soon loose their life despite their fight On this planet, in this atmosphere you would soon starve for breath in three minutes.  Light barely penetrates enough to see a foot in front of you….

Weekly Photo Challenge: Saturated with Flavour – Marcella Hazan

Saturated is often associated with vision.  But why limit ourselves when all of our senses can experience the same burst of sensory pleasure. The sound of music can fill your your soul.  Close your eyes and let a silk scarf flow through your fingers. But today join me on a short journey of the smell…

Antithesis of Stand Still: Action

Scott Sedman Copyright©2013 All Rights Reserved First I am far then I am near Look quickly before I disappear In a blink of your eye I am gone Leaving naught behind but my song