Weekly Photo Challenge: Changing Seasons


Even Gaia adjusts to change with each season
While we, lacking understanding, seek a reason
Why comfortable lives suddenly disrupted
Often just when we have adjusted
With passing time the why seems clear
Memories fade of  past held so dear
Now enjoy what once was dread

A brand new journey away from path once lead
Sip the wine from autumn grapes fermented
That left on vine would fall to earth lamented

©  WSSedman 2012



  1. Love it! I just submitted my very first Weekly Photo Challenge, and was scrolling through the other submissions. How could anyone resist your title? I am enjoying your whole blog, the Food entries especially. Writing about local food eateries is something I would like to add to mine. For me, that really adds to a sense of place. Happy Holidays!

    1. Thanks for dropping by and enthusiastic response. I am having fun writing the BLOG. Love your blog notes on winter. With our move and with the latest change of season, we too have lost the “sense of snow” that is well explaiend in . But whether flowers, white or green it is a new way of looking at things. Look forward to more updates from your blog

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